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Beautiful Bahama Blue

We had all forgotten how lovely it is in the Bahamas... if it's crystal clear water and white sand beaches you're looking for, then Bahamas is the place. Of course there are also more sharks there than anywhere else in the Caribbean! :-)

We went from being in the thick of things at Hall of Fame Marina in Ft Lauderdale, to some lovely remote anchorages in the Bahamas. Our favourite by far was Conception Island. Most of these pics are from there. We of course enjoyed Thunder Ball Cave and the swimming pigs in Staniel Cay, and did a couple of really fun drift snorkels. Even Fergie took a dip (not with the Pigs of course!); she almost enjoyed it too.

Georgetown in the South Exumas was a zoo! So many yachts and parties... we only stayed one night and pushed on South to Turks and Caicos.

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