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Ocean Rowing Lessons

Team Hermoine graciously took all the crews onboard for a day of experiencing what it is like to row a 44' ocean rowing boat. Here is a video snapshot, including a scene of Hermoine at the highest speed she will ever achieve.... 12 knots! Under tow behind Ugly Betty, of course... These scenes were captured in Greenland a few days ago. Now, we have reached Canada, and the real start of the North West Passage. Hermoine is on her way to pick up her other 4 crew members, and we are on our way to Devon Island to wait out bad weather. We have heard rumours that Polar bears, Muskox, and Walrus can be sighted in Burnett Inlet, where we are headed. So we hope to have lots of great footage and photos to post in the upcoming days. Thanks for checking out our blog!

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