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Ahhhh, back in the Azores Again!

It took 10 days to cross from St Thomas to Horta. As our first ocean crossing on a motor boat it was funny to be searching for the route with NO wind, as opposed to searching for a good stiff breeze! Nora called it following the Blue Bayou as it was the areas of deep blue on the weather routing software that the boat needed to follow for a smooth crossing. After a fairly rough start, Ugly Betty and her able crew did find the Blue Bayou. There was only one big squall where the winds hopped up to 50 knots in the whole trip.

There are 2 traditions in Horta after crossing the Atlantic. One is to paint the boat & crew name in the harbour, any place you can find a gap. The other is to go and over indulge in adult beverages at Peter's Cafe Sport. Every one in Peter's has just done a long leg, and tales of huge waves and howling winds are told, over a few G&T's (their speciality) or a personal keg of beer.

The island are stunning, the Sailor's gateway to Europe. Ugly Betty managed to visit 3 of the islands... favourite one? Pico.

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