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Arrival In the Arctic Circle

We crossed into the Arctic Circle on Wednesday, 66* 33’ N. We reconnected with Team Hermione, who, since leaving us in Nuuk had managed to get almost all the way to Upernavik on their small electric engine. Unfortunately it died a death 50 miles shy of Upernavik, so they sat in a calm anchorage waiting for Ugly Betty to pass by and throw them a tow line. So with our additional crew , we are now 10 onboard. I will introduce the crew in another post shortly. We reached our anchorage , very close to Upernavik, and spent time watching scary (but informative) films on polar bears, and learning survival tips in the Arctic. Later, those interested in being on the protection team, went ashore and for some target practice (friendly polar bear drawn on the back of a chart!) The chart came back peppered with holes, so we are taking that as a good sign.

In the evening we had a BBQ and drinks on the aft deck, celebrating our reunion with Team Hermione. We are a happy team on Ugly Betty. 🥰

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