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Meet the crew!

Ugly Betty normally runs with a crew of 2, plus the very involved & helpful owners.

Owners Bruce and Nora have extensive sailing experience on their multiple boats, including a circumnavigation, multiple ocean crossings, 4 seasons in Alaska, a season in the Baltic, and two seasons in Greenland, with 250,000 blue water miles in the last 20 years. Yes, they like to move, A LOT!

Jon and Nicki, Captain and 1st mate, have been crewing professionally for 30 years, multiple boats/ocean crossings/continents. From Svalbard to NZ, Alaska to South Africa, Turkey to Tahiti, Brazil to Greenland, and all areas in between, they come with a wealth of experience.

For the NWP attempt we feel very fortunate to have Steve Parsons and Clive Shute on board. Steve is our FPB guru; there’s very little he doesn’t know how to fix on an FPB. He has many many sea miles under his belt, and is a huge asset on UB. Clive is our very experienced sailor & Ice Pilot, and ex Captain in his own right. He is guiding us through the Arctic and NWP; if we make it through to Alaska, it will be his 4th time. Since only 380 boats have ever been through the NWP, including ice breakers, going through 4 times already is quite something!

Additionally, we have Team Hermione, the rowers who are attempting to row the NWP unsupported. They left Scotland in July, with the goal of delivering Hermione to Pond Inlet in Canada, the start of the NWP. We are helping them achieve that first goal, but once we help them get to Pond Inlet, we have to leave them there. Currently they are 4, but the other half of their team are meeting them in Pond Inlet, so they will ultimately be 8 rowing. Onboard we have expedition leader Leven (Scottish), Davie (Orkneys), Tuppence (Scottish) and Livar (Faroe Islands).

See pics below:

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